Hatred –> Forgiveness

I hated her

And I was just that

A coward

A tiny pinprick

Who drowned in my own misery

And complained


About what I could not



I said

She had wronged me

I knew

I had wronged her

But I did nothing

Nothing, nothing, nothing


I lost sleep over it

And drew the blinds

Around my eyes and ears

When she came near

I treated her as nothing


She did not sense my scorn


We once

Had a friendship

Pure and free

No bonds

A place

When I promised

To be frank

I have been

Anything but


I stewed


I said it was enough

And broke down

My emotional bonds

But they rose up

Like hot iron butterflies

When she mentioned

The me

She used to know


I got angry


I got mad

I blamed her

Saying my old love

Was a reason to hate

But I

Was wrong


It finally came to

I was

Hiding from her

When she sought me

Lying to her

When she asked me

All vinegar

And piss


But then

An outside source

Who saw

The vengeful circle


It was enough

I had to say something


Not inside

My steaming head

But to her

To end it

Once and for all

I was

The coward


Walking up


We needed to talk

I began

“We promised when we first started our friendship

That we would be straight with each other

But I have been anything but

Our friendship

Can never be what it used to

Because of things

You have done

And things

I have said

And done”


I said my speech


And she told me

She had already forgiven me

All my hate

Was one-sided

It was all

Just acid




Inside my head


She then

Hugged me

Forgiving by


To the sinner

Who would have NEVER

Forgiven her


Backed down

She forgave me

And then

I finally

For the first time

In a long while

I forgave myself

2 thoughts on “Hatred –> Forgiveness

  1. forgiveness is so hard to get to sometimes. I read something that said forgiveness is like loosening your grip around someone else’s throat, the only thing though is we holding that hate are the ones who end up choking. great piece.


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