Flooding Emotion, Careful Not to Drown

I need to stop

To take a deep breath

And look around


The edges

Of me are beginning to unravel

Coming undone

Like cloth


It is beginning

To enter

My heart

The edges

Are already black


Where there

Was once

A calm sky

In my mind

A storm rages


I need

To step back

And decide

If this

Is really what I want

To put my time

My energy

And my heart



Do I want

To waste my life


And hating

Those who sinned

Against me

Letting my heart

Turn black

And my mind flood


I will eventually

Be swamped

The water hitting me

On that island

Where I lie crouched

Inside my mind

Over and over


I drown in its depths


I will be left

With no life boat

If I don’t drain the anger

And become calm

A collected sea

Where nothing

Can touch me

And emotion

Doesn’t matter

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