A Flame To Oxygen

I sit on my legs

Pull my legs

To my chest

And let the silence

Echo around me


Perfect child

Perfect life

And yet


The clouds

Not the sky

Crashing down


The insults

Come to me now

They would be nothing

To another child

But to me

They are mental acid


Corroding my head

My being

Sinking in

Poisoning me

For weeks

I hear them



In my head


She meant to help

But hurt me

His mouth

Was forming a “B” shape

Then stopped

And changed it

To “Nasty Person”


It’s like I

Am a flame

All my caregivers

Are oxygen

And when they get

Too close



Burning them away

In anger


As I remember

What they said

Days ago

Weeks ago

Months ago

Years ago

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