The Origin of Talent

Suppose all the stars

Had descended from the sky

And fallen to the earth

To live amongst the world


They had come down

In flashes of light

As comets

Shedding their light


The stratosphere


When they reached the ground

They covered their heads

Pretended there was nothing to see

And began to work

Among the common man


They created miracles

Thin fingers

Pulling silver

Into thin wires

Voices creating songs



People said

The stars were angels

Fallen to heaven

Not people

Fleeing the path of a dark hole


They all seemed

Perfect and delicate


And pure

But on Earth

That reserve fell away

And they fell

Into the troubles

Of the common man



And despair

Crowded into the space

In their hearts

Where starlight was keep

And brought out that light

A blown out candle in the dark

Blinding them

To life as

The once-star


Now they wander about

With amnesia

Of their past

All acting

Like the humans

Around them

And not remembering

Life as a star

Who they are

And what they can really be

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