Becoming the Mask

Take a name

Any name

To choose what to call yourself


A cloak

A mist

A new identity


Set yourself

In a place

Where the identity

Will thrive

Put down roots

Digging in deep


Making friends

“As this person”

Living a life

“As this person”

Setting down that life

“As this person”


Wrapped so deep

Your own mist

Your mask

Is blinding

Your senses

You don’t know

Where to turn


You need

To take time

To evaluate

Where the mask ends

And you begin

What you threw into the mix

Of what you wanted

To seem


Did envy

Take root

Did beauty

Vanish as habit

Did you try to seem



The flaws

Of the mask

Are cracks



The face inside


The mask is melting

You got too comfortable

For your own good

You have become

What you wanted to seem

A fairytale

Or a monster

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