To Pray, When Skies are Grey

She never prayed

Was never religious

For she

Was happy

With not a care

In the world

With good fortune

A sun

Smiled upon her


It wasn’t till

The clouds

Covered the sky

That she stopped

Looking forward

But rather

Up and down


Down at her prayer books

That held

The words

She had been taught

At a young age and forgotten

And the meaning behind them

Love, Kindness


All once held

In her hands


She looked up

At the fickle sky

At G-d

As she prayed her heart out

Asking and praising

Praising and asking

And then

Just praising


Hoping things would change


And they did

Many years after that

The sky has a sun now

And she

Still looks up

At it

At G-d

Not just


One thought on “To Pray, When Skies are Grey

  1. it’s easy to forget to thank for what we have and then ask for help when in need. isn’t that amazing how some are willing to believe if that would help though they don’t believe when everthing’s ok?

    Lovely words!


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