Mother’s Handbag

On my mothers side

I cling

Holding my little hand

To her purse

An eternal companion

Strapped to her waist

And clutched by my hand


Inside the purse

She carries everything

Yet seemingly nothing

As she borrows pens

When she needs to write

Her declarations


She pulls out of the bag

That expensive bag

That looks nicer

Then the others

Better then the others

A sort of feeling

Of pride

And alertness

I think

It is courage


The cold chain

She feels it

To stay awake


On her guard


She has the chain

To remind her

That even

If she

Is above it all

Many aren’t

They stay

Chained to the limits

Of the Earth

Where she escaped

Long ago


Now she is



That mother

Who’s purse

I cling to

Has become a god

In this society



magine you hold a bag which contains two objects: one which can heal and one which can harm. Only you may identify these two objects through touch, texture, shape-recognition and imaginative exploration. Which object would you withdraw first? Does the good out-weigh the bad, or is harm something that cannot be prevented? Use one of these two items as the starting point of your poem and move towards the other in conclusion. It is up to you whether you will begin with the healing or harmful thing. Lastly, the hidden objects may be either real or abstract. This was written for garden with real toads.

9 thoughts on “Mother’s Handbag

  1. Has a touch of mystery. What could have been the chain that mother broke away from ? Has an element of innocence that the child feels about the purse. Also puts across the thought that children see and perceive more than we imagine they can.

    I wish you had done the formatting a little differently. The lines have too much vertical gap.


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