Rainbow IIII

The old rainbow

Colors since faded

Hangs there still

Clinging to my soul

Blotting out

The beautiful optimism

Of the new rainbow

Clouding my vision

With anger

At the colors

Faded in water


The rainbow

Pulls through my head

Squeezing it out

Taking away the time

Precious time

It pulls that red

Across my face

Drawing blood

From my brain

Onto my lips


I need to get away

From it

From that rainbow

It hurts

Biting into my life

It looks far

Yet is near


Stretching on



Even though

It doesn’t know what its doing

Enchanted by

And slipping off

The mask I have put

On the outside


The ugly colors

As if

They aren’t seen


But it hurts

Seeping into my soul

Internally crushing life

I need to let go


That it is not the rainbow

That is biting me,

Holding on

It is me

Holding on

Yanking its tail

Back into my head


I need to look down

At my hands

I need to take a deep breath

Letting out

A push of air


I need to let the rainbow

Wash over me

Clearing the resentment

Letting it be free

As what it is





I dearly hope that is the conclusion of the rainbow quartet, now that I understand it is just water, she is just human, I will let it go.

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