Forgotten Teddy Bear


On the gravel path

I was left here

He walked away

As I looked at his back

Wondering why

He dropped me


I was

The teddy bear

With velvet arms

I was

The comforted

Warm in the night


He dropped me


I am a teddy bear

I could not

Walk away

I can not

Walk alone

Yet I

Am expected

To get back on my feet


I look forward now

The direction I was dropped

Wishing for a blue fairy
To save me

No one

Is here

As my stuffing

Begins to fall


A little kid

With his mother

Picks me off the ground

“Can we keep it”

A sewing stitch away

New stuffing

A new doll

With barely the fabric

Of the dropped one


I meet

The lost owner


In the little kids hands

I feel


But I am

A new doll

Not the teddy that

Was dropped

I cannot return

Change back

That gravely day

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