Cracked In Half

“I live an ideal life”

She said as the tears

Came falling down

Hitting that perfect smile

Glazing her face


She then went on

To describe

The luxury goods

She possessed

The stellar friends

The wages she earned


She just didn’t know

Why she wasn’t happy

She had it perfection

Living in a constant calm

But one day

Her smile

Just broke in half


She began

To shriek and moan

Not knowing

What plagued her

Why she was



She started

To take “medication”

And put on an act

That she was happy

When really

She was burning inside

With her heart

The cracked smile


She needed help

She wanted it bad

She went to get it


Someone could glue

That cracked smile


Now she is looking

For love


And the mender

The person

Who can make her cracked heart

What it once was

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