Rainbow II

I look back at her

The rainbow

I thought

It was over

With her

My ties

Were broken

But she

Is still here


She haunts my dreams

Biting my thoughts

With a fear

I will become her

Spreading out

Rudeness red

Mixed in a bag


I see her talents

I envy

Her who envies me

I envy

Yet hate her

To hate

Is to have loved

I can hate her


I was willing

If for some reason

She fell ill

To give her

A part of my life

To hold

To cherish

But that

Was a time ago

When things were different

In the cotton sky



Her very voice

Aggravates me

Building hate

Against her

Using her problems

To condone

My actions

How pitiful


I thought

I had spoken up

To that rainbow

But I still cower

In my thoughts

What she will

Think of me

Who might



I hate

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