When I was younger

I always wanted

To be a princess

In a sparkling gown

Be told

My parents

Were waiting

In a castle

In the sparkling sky


That I was magical

And could fly there

To join them

And meet my prince

And we would

Fall in love

With a smattering

Of rainbows

And white frills


I never thought

Of my real family

On Earth

When I daydreamed

Only of my neighbor’s fake crown

Under her desk

Where she spun tales

Of how SHE

Was special


I took me a while

To learn that

That time would never come

That my wands, shoes, dresses

Were only plastic and polyester

And the brown-haired girl

Would never have

Emerald eyes and raven hair


She would just have

Her family

Around her

She wouldn’t be

A political figure

She would be


Not a princess



This is my fanart based on Christine Smith’s comic, The Princess.

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