That Creature, Inspiration


A feeling

Of a creature

Inside my head

Like quicksilver

The consistency of goo

Of a wooden block

Depending on the many tones

That saturate

Its layers


The poem

No, it dictates

I say


(A better word)

It yells its words

Once or twice

For me to write down

Once I write down starters

A few words

It stops


I call them starters

Because they

Respark the topic

They are containers of emotion

Like a candy


Sometimes draws the beast out

By day

But more often

It sleeps



I decide to use them

(The starters)

With the desire

Like water

Adding to powder

To fund the goo

My creativity


Written for Dverse Poets (, this also the 500th poem I have written since I have become a poet.

13 thoughts on “That Creature, Inspiration

  1. ha i like the contrast of the goo and the wood block….and i write down starters all the time…sometimes a complete thought…others just a word or two that are not ready for me to explore…and sometimes when i go back i have no clue what i was originally thinking as well…they are like kindling…to start a fire later…


  2. Quite often for me it’s closing lines that come first – or a particular group of words with good rhythm and rhyme. Working out how to reach the close or include those words is sometimes pretty challenging 🙂


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