Head Out the Window & Facet

Head Out the Window


Little girl

Little girl

She sits by the window

Dangling her long legs

On the scrappy side

Of the house


Little girl

Little girl

What do you look at

Ahead in the wind

With eyes

Riding the sky


Little girl

Little girl

Help me please

Turn your head

From the skies

And advise the home

Where your body lies






The fat me

Sat unhappy

Gazing at the sky


What I once was

That skinny daydream

Who knew

What to say


She tried to look like her

In clothes

And in voice

But she failed

To be the me

Of years ago


Then she decided to run

Across the sky

And see

If she could turn back time


As she began to thin

She began to slip

From this supposed

Calm sky

Into that skinny day


A facet

Had been released

And all her old clothes

And abilities

Came back

But not the words

Of the old her

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