Melanie & Nina

Finding Melanie

Was finding

A big sister


I could look up to

Strive to be like

One I could follow

In the hopes

Her personality

Would rub off

On me


Like a dove

She chatters

That cute girl

Nina, my underclassman

That follows me around

She asks my advice

And sits with me at lunch

Trying to learn more about me

Reminding me

Of how

I used to be

I guess

I have become her Melanie


As I grow older

I still strive to be

More like her

I strive to be

That kind and funny girl

I still look up to

At this age

The then high scholar


And the now high scholar


Both are still

Some of my closest



This was written for Dverse Poet’s ( Growing Up. It is about a few specific people in my life who are not named Nina and Melanie, but something a bit different.

8 thoughts on “Melanie & Nina

  1. this reminds me of my school years…does everyone have someone they admire and look up to…and someone younger looking up to them…I think it happens a lot….a nice slice growing up nostagia here..I’m glad you are still friends..


  2. Ah, this is something I can definitely relate to. I grew up as an only child and then inherited only brothers when my mother got married and all I wanted growing up was a big sister.

    Nice poem! 🙂


  3. Ah, what a lovely symmetry to poem and the relationships. I too was an only child and wished for a big sister. I’m glad you found one in your friend, and became one to another friend.


  4. this is really nice. It captures so much about growing up, and how the process is shaped and altered by those around us, as well as our own self awareness. this was delicately written, heart-warming and honest


  5. Friends are the family we find along the way. Sometimes even closer than our own. If you have a friend that you remain close to, admire, look up to, and share so much with, you are truly blessed.


  6. There is so much to enjoy here – the symmetry of the relationships; the balance of give and take; but I tink the most important is learning to be for others what someone was/is for us. That is a sure sign of having grown up.


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