To the Fans of_____

Two friends
Brought together
By love of music
Of pretty boys
They grab signs
And wave them at concerts
They listen to the songs
In rapture
None but a fan
Can share
One making them
Create a club
For those of like-mind
The clubs draw millions
And they all
Travel to the concerts
Waving signs
With their clubs
And cellphones lit
All professing
They call themselves
“Mrs. _____”
Claiming the unknowing
Musicians (years older or younger)
For themselves
They scare others away
From the music
Making their artists
Scared of the wrath of their own fans
The fans talk
Of how the artist
Can’t date so-and-so
Or do ______
They fight with other fans
Calling them fake-fans
And calling those who disagree
With them,
All because they disagree
With their sect of fandom
A fandom that started
With the love
Of one artist
No idol

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