Fast Cloud of Anger

You never know
When anger
Might strike you down
Getting mad
At the simplistic things
Letting it pour
In little drops of sweat
Rising to a thunder cloud
If only this
If only that
Hadn’t happened
It would all be better
Forgetting the little drops
How they formed
The cloud
Hot boiling
Whistles high
The condensation forming in a shriek
Pushing steam
Mad, upset raindrops in hair
Turning it around
Raindrops refreshing
If only
If only
I hadn’t gotten mad
In the first place
I would have strayed
In a tranquil state
If only now
I didn’t take flight
At the simplest jibe
That there would be a better world
A better place
If only
I could float on my cloud
To reach it
Across the white sky
I would be
Happy at last
Forever to now

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