Tire Flower

Girl in yellow raincoat
Stands in tire yard
Among the
Freshly soaked
Broken black
Jumping from rubbery top
To rubbery top
Her mother’s story
Purple wild flower patch
To white wild flower patch
With air
Fresh of rain
With the smell
Of poured on tire
No wild flower den
While flora
Pops from the ground
Tires are rolled
In a wobbly manner
Grass spots
Had the whole
Of the meadow-y area
But then
The tires
Where rolled in
By eager business men
With pinstripe suits
Who soon after
Left with disappointment
Leaving the grass
With round rubber flowers
To get rid
Would be
To roll the tires
That can’t move themselves
But the girl
Won’t do that
As she jumps
From rubbery flower
To rubbery flower

11 thoughts on “Tire Flower

  1. really makes us think about how we've damaged the planet. hopefully, tenacious wild flowers will grow around and in the centers of the tires again, so the little girl can experience some of the fragrance her mother did, hopping from tire to tire, through flowers in the field again. Really a beautiful poem about the tenacity of the human spirit to experience joy no matter what.


  2. I like the contrast of a young cild playing about in a tire yard, that concept seemed so fresh to me, I almost wished you had removed the story of her mother, her thinking about her mother slowed this piece dow for me, but I still appreciate where it eventually arrived. viva la and thanks for posting.


  3. Daisy, first time here, and I loved this. There is the girl's innocence, which will not be corrupted. Then there is the reader, knowing that rich slobs like the former owner think nothing of “blooming” a garden of mosquito-breeding, toxic-laden junk. Not only is your comparison of mother's and daughter's experiences charming, but the idea of that little girl making play from what she has. Now that's spunk. LOVED it. Peace, Amy


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