Cooked For Her Heart

Missed home at the start
A square triangle not cloud nine
Sitting inside her wishful heart
Wanting a sign
Have love come from far away impart
Wanting a warm heart
To have a card or Skype, not waste
Though living life here in-part
Yearning for taste
For that feel of home not away, apart
I saw her warm heart
To fill my friend’s place of assess
Wanting to fill it with that part
To bless
A taste, food from homeland, fill her heart
Eggs in tea art
With a heart cooking for her
I made something filled bliss a la carte
Reflected her
Her home illuminated in heart
This was written for Imaginary Garden with Real Toads and the food that is spoken of in this poem is cha ye dan (my recipe), marbled tea eggs that I made for a friend.

10 thoughts on “Cooked For Her Heart

  1. I've never seen the word “Skype” in a poem before, but it fits! And the egg-tea dish to comfort a friend is beautiful. Friends are priceless, and should be handled gently, as you've shown us.


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