Thin is Happy

Bone bars
And around
Sitting in the stomach
Next to
The heart
Over and over
A fat heart
In a wish
To slim it down
Not eating
It can’t hurt
A little fasting
It can help
A spiral
To being thin
Like all those
Model slim girls
Held against the ribs
A layer of skin
Pulled tight
Like a reptile
Pulling away
The beauty and happiness
A thin body
Can bring
Full of air
With measured food
And medication
In an attempt
To be happy
Once again
Thin yet sad
When I thought
All the thin ones
Were happy
Falling into the
And falling
Out of the ribs
Onto the tongue
Blaming all the faults
On the illness
It can’t be me
But then
Turning around
Facing the eye
A reflection
Of me
Beyond this year
What does
The future hold
How can
The dreamt of
Be reached
By jumping on the scale?
Filling up the pounds
In a caloric glory
Life has thought
Left ship
But the creature
Always sits in a
New Haunt
The head
Where it whispers
How it might
Happen again

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