Healing Tea

Wafting a warmth
Up the nose
And around the head
As sipping
Hot liquid
Burning down the throat
This is all she can give
She’s a doctor
With a starch white shirt
And two twin
The crying girl
Knee skin
Blood running
Has she done nothing?
The starched one speaks
In this new age
She is afraid
That if
One thing
Goes wrong
The application of alcohol rub
Or Neosporin
The giving of a medication
The school will be
The mother asks
Why would someone
Do something
Like that
The nurse
“They want money”
It’s plain and simple
And like her outfit
This mindset
Has always been there
The mother asks
Pointing out
She’s giving her
And her daughter
And the mother asks
Why the nurse tried
Handing out
Herbal healing teas
Like the tea she is giving now
It can’t have
Bad repercussions
The nurse
Has an idea
And it fades
As she says
“We’d have to get
Permission slips even for that”

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