Speak Up!

But. but. but.
I- I am
A teacher
You’re too short
Too timid
Too small
How can you
Ever stand up
To them
Either to small
Or too meek
And because of that
I never
Speak up
Dressed in
My new work uniform
People- students
Say I look like
Some old
As I pass
And when
I get up to the blackboard
They laugh
“Sit down”
I sit
I didn’t sign in
The office
I was
A new student
And I will
Have a file
If I don’t
Speak up
Walking in
Sweaty palms
To make
A declaration
But then
With a rough
White collar
The outfit
The new supplies
The big plans
And the name
The name
Who’s was it
Was it a high-school girls’?
A cowards’?
No, it was
Chalk-white and undoubtedly
My own
And then opening my mouth
As if speaking to
The class
Stating that name
And pointing out
Its tall owner

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