Time is Flat

The year
Round and round
Like a wheel
As I am walking
A tiny grey planet
And over and over
Seeing the same things
But is my tiny planet
Really the same
Every time
Does the same
Dappled mare
Ride past
The grey countryside
Zooms by
Over and over
And I wonder
Is it over and over
As a new
Grey bunny
Crawls onto the planet
Yet the dappled mare
Goes past
On the round world
That used to be
Flat again
As time
Now realized
Is a long road
That often
Repeats itself
Making it seem
When really
It is
Changing the scenery
From the now grey
To Technicolor

6 thoughts on “Time is Flat

  1. It's always wonderful when things turn from gray to technicolor….that's the way I feel in the valley I live in, when the endless gray skies pull back and reveal the blue! Like the world has come to life.


  2. To a goldfish, the little plastic castle is a surprise every time, but to us, things can take on a sameness. However, when one looks back over a year, or ten years, vast changes have usually taken place, just so slowly that they weren't really appreciated day by day.


  3. I like this very much; and I like especially when grey changes to technicolor and NOT vice versa! There really IS so much variation and beauty to be found as we 'spin.'


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