The Me of Then & The Me of Now

She takes my hand
In blue jeans
And a hot pink t-shirt
She tells me
It is time
No, not despite,
Of her age
She understands
To let go
To speak up
Look at me here
Years older
Yet still
The unfaded
Challenges of then
She in her
Child’s pink shirt
Is stronger than me
In my button-up formal
All black
With the silk
Sucking and hiding stains
Back then
When I was she
I had the courage
To share my feelings
To the people
Who I felt needed to know
But now
I have grown tall
And the spine of then
Did not grow with me
And is still
Too short to say it
Yet here she is
Walking out
Of some forgotten door
Deep in my mind
And standing
On the end of my spine
Giving me
The courage
To finally say it
My true feelings
On the matter

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