Falling From the Cloud to Jealously

She has it
A skill
I never had
She spins her finger
In inky pens
And creates stories
Light as clouds
We used to have
A fairytale friendship
It was like living
In sweet puffy clouds
It was effortlessly
A pure mutual love
But then
It all changed
And I
Dropped out of
The cloud
The cold rainy reality
I will never
Be able
To strike lightning
With words
To startle people
With soaring speeches
Raising them
To the sky
It is all
Above me
Now that she has
Made it big
She offers to help me
I feel like
She is looking down at me
From up on top
Of her cloud
I always
Try to tell myself
That she
Is the rainbow
And I
Am one of the supporting clouds
If I’m not there
She is lopsided
But I know
She doesn’t truly
Need me
I think this poem is a bit like a reprise of “Rainbow”

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