I see her
In every corner
With that thin body
I hate her
She is my worst nightmare
And my biggest dream
I wish I could be her
But I wish
She wasn’t here
I throw
Snide comments
Her way
Getting joy
When her perfectness
I hurry away
To turn the corner
To see
Wiping black streaks
Off her
Not so pure skin
My biggest dream
A mirror cracked
She wasn’t what she was
Cracked up to be
And I wasn’t
The person
I thought I was
Feeling terrible
I offer
Her my
We can
Make a truce
The words
Spill out of my mouth
Sped on oil
To soothe her wounds
To heal
What I have done
To put an end
To my jealousy
Now I just hope
Forgives me

Written for dVerse Poetry (link at the bottom of the site)

12 thoughts on “Jealousy

  1. all too real situation…i think we should all learn just how similar we all are…in realizing that it becomes harder to be so malicious or even jealous…i hope she does forgive….that is healing for both…


  2. Yes – this is such a vivid piece – describing the jealousy then lashing out then guilt. The physical descriptions are wonderfully gestural too – the black streaks almost like some lash and not just mascara. k.


  3. Jealousy is such a destroyer of relationships, of any type too. I'm glad she could see the destruction she caused and tried to make amends for it. It is the way we learn what life really is and negativity destroys its carrier.
    Great poem 🙂


  4. What an interesting exploration. It is through these pubescent scenes that set the scene for in every facet that becomes the face of war, a seed of it was sewn here in an immature mind. In this instance, there was a rather quick act of peace; in war this comes with much more damage but the acts do parallel. Brilliant piece!


  5. Vividly drawn–I don't know how many times I have felt such terrible remorse and shame for words that caused pain or came from a very bad place within myself. You evoke all that here, as well as the only medicine for it, forgiveness.


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