The Eighty-Year-Old Who THOUGHT He Could

I told him no
The last time
He hit the car
Head on
He bounced off
The only reason
He survived
Was that bubble helmet
It saved his life
But that was
Twenty years ago
This is now
In his eightieth year
Mounting a bike
Would not be wise
My uncle
And friend
Great bikers
Of his age
Who used to
Ride circles
Around lake Geneva
Every morning
Have stopped
But he
Wants to try
I told him
Wear a helmet suit
Talk to other people
They’ll set you straight
Riding a bike
At your age
In Santa Monica
Is plain-right
At my family’s vote
A full on plea
For our beloved patriarch
To try a balance board
Or yoga
Or a spin-bike
He said
If I write this poem

2 thoughts on “The Eighty-Year-Old Who THOUGHT He Could

  1. Dear LD,

    Thank you for the “caring” Poem. It is very special to receive a Poem from a Grandchild dedicated to my safety. Perhaps in years to come, Listening Daisy will continue her efforts in the cycle of life by holding my hand while guiding me across busy streets.

    Your loving GP


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