My Brand Of World Peace

If you
Were given a wish
Any wish
What would it be?
Said the essay
For my school
Entrance exam
As all people
Would say
Of their real wish
I said
I wished for
World peace
But what is
World peace?
Is it a slogan
No war
No nukes
No hate
Or is it
Something more?
I said
I wanted
My own brand
Of world peace
Where everyone
Is happy
With their
Day to day life
Where all the economies
Are healthy
And where
The only disappointments
Are small ones
Like milk
Waiting to long
And souring
That’s what my
World peace would be
This was written for Real Toads

4 thoughts on “My Brand Of World Peace

  1. We all say we want peace and yet, we never seem to have it unless we fight for it. There are three things that we just can't rid our selves of and until we do, there will never be peace. (I don;t think) Ego, greed, love of money. I wish for peace too but feel it will need a world catastrophe, where money doesn't rule anymore, to bring it about.
    Very nice wish in your poem. I wish for it too.


  2. It is sad but true that “World Peace” has become a cliche. I like your version of peace – it makes sense to me.
    Thank you for participating in the “Poetry for Peace” challenge on Real Toads.


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