Among the Glass

A stone lady
Standing among
The people of glass
Walking a step forward
In what she hopes
Is the right direction
She spins and twirls
In an attempt
To show
She can be light
And pretty as glass
She steps up
Trying to speak to people
In her stone tongue
She taps them
Trying to get their attention
But only succeeding
In shattering their nerves
Crystal cracking
As she steps
Warily back
Her mouth closed
So she does not wound
With a harsh tongue
As her hands
Twiddle nervously
Behind her back
As she walks
She accepts
She can never be made of glass
She reaches out
To shake the hands of the people
She met
To say goodbye
They don’t want to touch her
She wraps
Her hands
In a softened cloth
To shake their hands
A farewell
They tentatively reach out
As she gently
Hold their hands
By slipping fingers
Readying herself
To return
To the land
Of cold stone
And unbroken handshakes

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