The Wicked Witch

“I’ll get you my Pretties,
And your little dog too!”
She said
Twisting her stereotypical hat up
Most see her
As a villain
The Wicked Witch
The evil green
Double W
By I see her
As misunderstood
All she seemed to want
Was her sister’s last memento
But all she seemed to get
Was scorn and dislike
From all those
Who could have helped her
In a vengeance
That we would all feel
A scheme
To get back
Her beloved slippers
She vented her anger
In the only way
She had been taught how
At the culprit
Blue eyed Dorothy
And Dorothy
Not sensing
The reason
Threw the water
It was an accident
But the “Witch”
Melted anyway
And any last chance
Of remembering her sister
In a good light
Melted with her

9 thoughts on “The Wicked Witch

  1. I too love you went there! I agree she was misunderstood! Death brings out the worst in everyone…
    Who has those Ruby Red Slippers, now?
    I need to borrow them and get home…lol
    Happy Halloween 😀


  2. Those villains always have their own agendas, and we love to hate them. She scared me to pieces, but you're right, she just wanted a memento and revenge for Dorothy and her crazy flying house that killed her sister…Great job!


  3. aw . . . mistaken identity all around maketh for a good comedy according to the missing pages of Aristotle. You reveal it as a form of bullying, gently leading the reader to see a missed opportunity for redemption. It makes me think of Will Smith's audition for becoming one of the “Men in Black” when he shot the little white girl for being out of context. Very cool!


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