One-track Mind

I am there
In the middle of
The pulsing crowd
But somehow
I am not
Their loud sounds
And conversations
Are drowned out
By my inner noise
I don’t look up
At the bright neon light
Water displays
Or taxis
I simply
Walk on
A destination
Clear in my head
What I want to do
Where I want to go
That is
My flashing neon sign
My feet are the taxi
The noise is my thought
Pounding and pulsing
Like the crowd
That seems at rest compared to me
I push through them
As if they are grass
And I am walking past
As if through an empty gold field
Hearing the noises
Not once
As they tell me to
Look up
The voices told me to look
For life
For the future
So I wouldn’t be alone
I didn’t listen
I drowned them out
In inner silence
With only the fast wind
Pressing my cheek
For maybe the last time
As a reminder
Of the life outside mine

2 thoughts on “One-track Mind

  1. beautiful, although by the end a little sad. I could be reading my own thoughts (in regard to the sad feel at the end) in your words–for I often forge ahead blocking out the voices that press around me. really lovely.


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