Behind the Glass

A pane
Seemingly of glass
Showing a picture
Of a brown-haired girl
She sits
With her hands folded
Trying to be perfect
While others standing ‘round
Tell her
It is useless
They look through the glass
Seeing reflections
Of themselves
What they know
What they think they know
All imposed
On the girl
She makes a face
From annoyance
And they think
It is just the morning
Or bad moods
They don’t ask
They just assume
She gets up
To tell them
The truth
But before
She speaks
They have already decided
What she is going to say
There are some
Who look through the glass
Eagle eyed
Seeing who she is
While she covers
The window
Breathing out a mist
She often wonders
If the person
They see reflected
Is really her

10 thoughts on “Behind the Glass

  1. really well done. The ending stanza is really strong, and concludes perfectly what you built from the first. Thanks for sharing with Poetics tonight.

    Side note: I just spent an extra few minutes moving my cursor around in that fish pond, and like a kid kept finding myself amazed that the fish quickly swam to that place. Just thought I'd share that, as I thought it was quite amusing in retrospect.


  2. it is hard to be perfect…we set the bar so high, its hard to reach…and well others dont understand either when we dont act just like them, that i can deal with though…it is interesting though to think what they might see when they look at us….

    haha fred i fed the fish too…smiles.


  3. You capture that moment in time when no one seems to see the real you, it's funny there seems to be a few stages like that now I think on it… This moves well from start to finish describes what it would be like to be behind that glass… great write.


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