She Dances Rent Free, In My Head

I twirl
Spinning on the Earth
Into my mind
Into chaos
With only a leotard
Here I wear a mask
Wishing to be
A vigilante
Administering justice
Fixing lives
Fixing her life
She ruins it
And stumbling
The opposite
Of what I imagine to be
Not heeding my advice
She argues
Everyone who could help
Making the other people
Wind and twist
Their silky ribbons
To flow
In another direction
I try to correct her feet
She kicks
Spinning madly
Into a insulting spin
She spins
Headaches of circles
In my head
Reminding me
Of what
I cannot change
Her footwork of life
I can try to alter it
But ultimately
The only one who
Will be altered
Will be me
As she lives
Rent free
In my head

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