Old Promise

The faithless clock
It spins
One full circle
After another
As the mouth
Opens and closes
In slow motion
In a fast paced world saying
“I’ll do it another day”
Each day
Becomes shorter
As the promise
Wears away with time
Like all those promises
Made as a child
Those silly ones
To name the first child
Priscilla or Creamela
Were forgotten
The minute said
But those promises
Signed in grade school
“I won’t do this
I won’t do that?”
Rung hollow then
And weighted now
They had been filled
With meaning
Making life different
Causing life
To deal a kinder hand
But alas
They weren’t followed
And fate
Twisted the rope into a snare
Slowing down time
In only the seconds
It takes to say a promise
The clock
Won’t go back
There is no not-clockwise
Turning backwards
Slowly as the hand spins
There is only
The time
That to remember
Has to be run with
Out of shape
With the calories created
And unburned
By so many
Broken promises
Trying to jog
At the beginning
Doing the little things
Like doing the share
Of work
And buying the books
Of friends who are authors
Having to work up
To the speed of time
For once
Everything is caught up
Time won’t slow down
It will keep going
At a constant pace
For better
Or for worse

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