Cotton Candy Packrat

Everyone said
It was too much
They said the saying
“You can never have too much
Of a good thing”
Was a lie
But I
Proved them wrong
I lined them all up
In orderly rows
An extended hobby
Collected over the years
In varying shades of pink
And blue
They said it was stupid
After all
Who would want
Thousands of
Cotton candy toys
All in varying states
Of dustiness
I kept them though
Pile upon pile
Of stiffening fluff
Rising to the ceiling
Covering the flour
With their fake scent
Each held
A special memory
But each
Came crashing down
When earthquake struck
I tried to save them
The perfumes
The key chains
The glass statues
They fell
I ran out
Being pushed
By an endless
Supply of sugary
Blue and pink
As I had
Too much of a good thing

9 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Packrat

  1. Your writing is fluid and easily draws me in… I love the image of cotton candy… we imagine it can be fulfilling but it's just so much fluff… and I too appreciated the change in perspective, which is a necessary ingredient in personal growth and maturity. Well done.


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