Atop glass pillar
Standing up high
Gazing at the sun
With such defiance
Slipping down the sides
Of the crystal ice sides
Down to the places below
Into to the water
Where the fish of the deep
Gaze with large
But blind eyes
In the water
A stirring
The fish
Swim away
As the water
Begins to chill
Into a crackling of ice
It reaches out
To the pillar
Climbing up
Its sides
Freezing in such an
Opaque way
The pillar
Seems a spire
Extending from the ice
Slipping and sliding
To the base
Of the great
Empty pillar
Reaching the sides
Trying to climb
The slippery slopes
Partway up
Then falling
Rising and falling
On the smoothing surface
The sun
Who melted pride
Comes out again
In a quick burning
Toasting the land
In a heating glaze
Melting the ice
And shattering
The shiny

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