Web Spot

On the little glass globe
The silence
As the pinpricks of light
The ones
Who stand alone
Are silent
Slowly dimming
As they begin to
The ones
Who give off
A creative illumination
Are bounced off
Their buzz replayed
Over and over again
By a host
Of adoring mirrors
As their collections grow
So does their light
The mirrors bouncing off
Calling moths
To a light
The blue light is ablaze
Whole chunks of the globe
In a fervor
Of reflections
Of activity
But then
Another light grows
On the other side
Of the world
The mirrors
Flock to it
The dimming flare
Leaving it
To lose its luster
On the other side
Of the globe

8 thoughts on “Web Spot

  1. So much is going on here! The following the crowd, mirrors in hand and/or the goals of various flocks, some to die into the Light and others to thrive cross worlds, the earth from above with the light real or the light our lives, and the WWW, always on, always moving. I'm breathless. Does the luster have to go?


  2. This reminds me of those globes which have the electricity flashing all around them as you touch them. One minute they are going one way, the next minute, another direction. This is wistful, seems sad, and yes, surreal.


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