Wolf Knickknack

I sit on
A wood pedestal
Holding me
As the beloved treasure
The pet
Of the girl’s imagination
She defends me
From slanderous words
And the thought of guns
She imitates
The howl
Wanting to be
I sit with her
For a while
In books
And toys
One day
She meets the true me
In a pack
Passing by
The whitening moon
With slanted eyes
And shimmering fur
She sits
Mouth agape
At a creature
More magnificent
Then in her dreams
More than just
Her knickknacks
Come to life

Written for Poets United’s wolf prompt

5 thoughts on “Wolf Knickknack

  1. Clever that her knicknacks come to life! Dream come true, perhaps? Isn't imagination wonderful? Love the dream vs. reality in this poem!

    I hope you will get rid of 'word verification.' I am having a very difficult time getting a comment posted. This will be my THIRD try trying to figure those words. Eventually, when this happens, I give up and move on.


  2. Okay, it should be fixed, thank you for telling me and if you have any more problems with my settings please just mention it. Also thank you for your comments, it was a dream come true for the person I based it on. She got so excited when she got to see wolves.


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