A smiling clown
At an old fashioned circus
He smiles
The same red-lipped smile
Every day
He shapes a puppy balloon
Every day
Like his smile
It all begins
To shape a frown
They always ask for puppies
He would rather
Make a rabbit
He would rather
Have purple lips
But when
He does theses things
They laugh at him
Calling him a mock clown
Telling him
That if he
Doesn’t follow
The typical funny
He will be out of a job
Clowns are
Supposed to be
Funny & Creative
When either of these things
Are not like the night before
They become bad
They say to be creative
But only in the way
They want you to be creative
Their “unique”
Is a brand name
Said to be special
But worn by everyone
A clown with purple lips
Is not a clown
It is

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