The Gauze Poppy Hat

On the dark wood bed-side
Sits the poppy hat
Its gauze is lovingly
Smoothed over everyday
Every night
It is lovingly worn
By someone
Who is not the owner
The little girl
Spotted the hat
On Mummy’s head
In a sort of red-orange
Sunlit glory
She fell in love
Each night
Into the room
Removing the hat
From the stand
And placing it delicately
On the head
In the hat
She is jam-maker
Like mummy
She pours the contents
Of imaginary sweet fruits
Into crystal jars
Lining them up
On the shelves of an emporium
With honey-wood sills
In that hat
She is another person
But out of it
She is a girl
Into a job
She does not wish
To do for the rest of her life
Just like Mummy
Who cherished
Her old gauze hat

10 thoughts on “The Gauze Poppy Hat

  1. What a fascinating tale you have woven! I love the idea that in the hat she is another person. But sad that in the hat she is a girl growing into a job she doesn't want to do for the rest of her life. Oh, that I wish just the opposite for her!


  2. Ahh… then I hope she does exactly what she wishes to do and not as others wish for her to do because after all is said and done, it is her life.
    Very gentle, lovely imagery, made me feel sad for the girl.


  3. You really got across how it feels to be programmed for a life one didnt choose. So well done, and sad. I do hope she grew up to be whoever she wanted to be! Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem at the pantry!


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