Floating On The Lake Of Memory

On a clear lake
Flecked with a light wind
The ship sails
Under a blanket of clouds
Towards a mountain-less horizon
It steadily turns
Dipping into the water
In a spinning chance
To remember what happened
All so long ago
Hidden under the white capping surface
Of the lake
Looking down
It seems to close by
Yet so faraway
The memory
Seemingly on the surface
But truly far below
Jumping off the boat
Taking the time
To dive into the reflective surface
And sink towards seeming
As air disappears
The face
Sinks into blue
Wondering why
The floating air
Was ever left
For a journey to the mind
At the bottom
The silt clouds
With each step
As tiny fish
Biting the water
Around the memory
Trying to discourage
The opening
Of the sunken treasure chest
Come so far
To a locked chest
Kicking it open
In a mask of silt
Tinny coppers
Fall out
Just that
For all this?
A wish
To have kept the longing
For a memory
That is only worth
A few coppers

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