The Iridescent Moon

By a waxy glow
The room is silent
The little light
Is nothing
Compared to the
Brightness to come
The dog wags his tail
As the girl
Presses her face
Against the window
The great orb
Rises into the sky
The candle burns
As the milky glow
Permeates the surroundings
Giving all shadows
An unearthly quality
A salute
To the candle
By the girl
She lit it
A little project
A boat
Setting sail
Into the darkness
The little candle
Dripping life
Gets smaller
As its shadow from the orb
Is waning
Dripping into a waxy puddle
The color of spilled milk
Its life
Is spent
By a greater light
A whiter light
The moon
Who has all the beauty
But none of the burning life
Of the forgotten

This poem was written for Poet’s United, when they had the wax theme. It is based off a memory that I have from when I was really young. I got up really early with my dog, and watched the sun rise. In this poem however, it is the moon that is rising, not the burning sun.

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