Warts & All

In a mirror
All alone
All the thoughts
Mean things said
Bounce back
Off slick walls
Every word is absorbed
Every snide comment
Is an attacker
How is it possible?
To hide from one’s self
Reflected back in a mirror
Turning out the light
Will not make the mirror blind
It will not put all thoughts
To rest
It will just make it
More painful
Give the words
Time to arm up
With more ammunition
How to face
The ammunition
Is it to forget?
To apologize?
To forgive?
Should the harm
Be allowed to reach
Its mark?
Staring in a mirror
Not liking one’s self
The only way
To truly meld with the mirror
To stop all the ammunition
To put it all to rest
Is to accept one’s self
For who one’s self may be
And all

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