The Train

A train
Starting up
At a slow speed
Then zipping forward
At a fast pace
That knocks the hats off those watching
It zooms ahead
Everything on the sides
Is a blur
It barely has time to celebrate
And weekends
As it races through the moments
Like a little girl
With her first soda
As it speeds ahead
The exciting blur
To greyer tones
No longer exciting like before
Now they ripple
In and out
Of tunnels of sadness
And happiness
The extraordinary
Is normal
Forgetting the fun
The wishes
The dreams for the future
As interest wanes
Where once a bonfire
Now sits a candle
The train slows to a halt
And out walks
The one-time fan
Who sits down on a bench
As the the train departs
Passing by
Causing their hat to fall off
Making them chase it
To another train

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