Brown Roots

Naturally blond hair
Glowing with an iridescent
That only those born with it
It fades over time
As people say
She can’t do it
It dampens her spirit
People look back and ask
If that is the same girl
Finally someone
Does something
Totally blond
A dream
Come true
Vibrant strands
Hitting sunlight
Expanding out
To face the world
The edges hit the sun
Bouncing off
Into a happy time
To a morose place
Brown roots
The happy dream
Oh well, they can be
Over and over
But the brown
Will not leave
As the colors
Rise and fall
In the background
They fall
On pure brown
From a rain of tears
The limp hair sits
As the crying goes
But the cold tears
Drying on the wet face
Do nothing
To fix the problem
Into the sun
Looking up
Thinking about
Why hasn’t the girl
Lived her own life
Been herself?
As the curtain of hair
Begins to fall
Into a new dying attempt
She realizes
She can never
Change who she is
She can never want to be
Who she was in the past
She has to live in the moment
She has to be me

2 thoughts on “Brown Roots

  1. But it is the brown and roots which allows everything to grow, even hair. My teen keeps dying her hair blonde and I've told her it is so flat, so dead, and just hangs there, because it's bleached. The other day she wanted to dye the tips of it red. I told her go ahead, you want to anyway and I've told you my thoughts on all this dye. Her friend dyed a whole streak in her hair but now she has a 2 inch wide streak all through it and hates it.
    As I've aged life has taught me that we can change out outer appearance over and over but, it's being happy within that gives us the comfort we seek.
    This is a great poem about growing awareness.
    RYN: Yes, I believe in coincidence. Thanks for the visit 🙂


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