Starting out
By constraints
Of the soul
Or the body
But as the month goes on
Filling a checklist
With accomplishments
Tethering down
In words
What one has done
On this Earth
Making promises
To do this
To be part of this
To complete this
Being pulled into them
Even if one does not
Believe in them
The checklist
Once so joyfully checked
Has become a choker
Keeping it all in rein
Because the checklist says this
Something cannot be done
It is more
Than a sheet of paper
It is the written piece of life
What defines a person now
A floating wisp of cloud
Has become a rock
With a filled list
That can never be fulfilled
Even if something else
Yearns to be done
With a full schedule
Something must be crossed out
To make time
The only way
To make time
Is to lose time
So the odds have to be weighed
Over the seized time
Are honing
Yet wearing away
Life is slowly
Dripping out meaning
A choice has to be made
Will the checklist be broken
To save one’s self
Or will life
To waste away
Nothing is left
But a red tipped pen

9 thoughts on “Checklist

  1. This poem makes me breathless…so true of so many that there are so many things on the checklist that one does this, that, and life passes, except for that red tipped pen. I really like this poem~!


  2. The checklist comes through as a tyranny here (I rewrite mine weekly, which keeps some items in a state of permanent limbo: one or two have been there for years) I can see that red pen at the end though – terrifying!


  3. Nice reflections ~ Checklist for me are just guideposts, some items I can do, some I can't. In the first place, some were probably unrealistic and as I grow older, it doesn't seem to matter as much anymore ~ Enjoyed your share ~


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