Standing on the edge
Of the mind
Underneath the foot
A slave to the fickle sun
Always moving
In a day-filled dance
At night
Melting back into the dark
Without a life
Looking up
At the eternal master
Who is living her life
Of the one she trods underfoot
She could melt into the Earth
A wish
A chance of a lifetime
To switch places
The mirror flips
On the viewing side
A whole world
Filled with the never before seen
Color abounds
Life dances with an eternal joy
Not stopped by night
But people stare
Can they still see
The dark shadow
As a creature of light
She, the wisher, sits underfoot
And dances
The wrong dance
At night
She is darker than black
During the day
She melts into the sun
What trickery is this?
The false one
The sun
Shows a color
Beneath the water
Falling in
And facing
A shadowing world
Up at the top
On the viewing side
She sits again
Telling of a terror
Of how she was abducted by the dark
Not remembering
That she
Wished for it
And that I

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