Blind Follower

Always following
The wandering tailcoats
Of the one who seems to be right
The pinstripe silk
One day
Slips around a corner
And seems to be gone
On the other side
At the face of the suited man
Who was always followed blindly
His seemingly featureless face
No emotion
No love
No joy
Why has he been followed?
Since the beginning
As the featureless face turns
To go back to the brisk trot
Taking one last look
And deciding
To stay back
Slipping into darkness
With no glowing silver tailcoats
To follow
Wandering in the darkness
Why is it dark?
Why is functioning alone
At a brisk trot
With long skirts
Following behind
In a midnight blue trail
The skirts
Slowly lighten
To a star blue
Then a navy
Then to a sky blue
Quickly fading
To silver
Turning around
To see a crowd
Following behind
Like the tails
That were once followed
Do they
See a face
On me?

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