China Doll

A doll
With a little china face
A clear white
With a little rogue on the lips
She stares out a blue window
At the clear glass
With a sweet blue eye
Dry with a bitten tongue
She has not cracked
Words insult her
For antiquity
For being an olddoll
But nothing has hurt her fully
As time passes
She remains clean
With an unbroken face
After all
Every other doll
Has been sold
Why not her
Picked up
Pulled out of her prim position
She starts
With a fright
Startling the one in whose care she sits
Into dropping her
The white wind whistles around her
In a silence
That is deafening
Then the words
She thought she was past them
But they come again
And with a crack
Her face is broken
The first crack
Is dabbed with the glue
And apology
But it will forever sit
On the doll’s visage
Under her cold blue eye

10 thoughts on “China Doll

  1. This strikes me as a sad poem. I felt for the china doll. I felt sorry for her…the one that was NOT sold. How lonely she must be too.

    Glad to meet you in Poetry Pantry!


  2. I had a similar conversation with my Raggedy Ann doll when her leg came off. I apologized to her as my mother sewed her back together. All these years later, she is the only doll that I kept. This poem brought back memories for me.


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