My Friend the Balloon

A happy child
Holding her balloon tight
In a eager grip
That will never let go
Taking it everywhere
Dressing it in a pretty bow-tie
Staying up late every night to talk to it
Drawing a BIG sharpie smiley on it
All the while
Not noticing
The balloon is deflating
With all the hugging
And strange places
It is loosing its elastic-y goodness
The smiley in a frown
That is redrawn
As the child
Drags it to ballet class
She involved it in her whole life
Drenching it in details
Not giving it time to breathe
In her own eagerness
Not watching to make sure
It doesn’t
As it reverberates
As the loud sound fills the hall
The girl begins to cry
It can’t pop
It won’t pop
It didn’t pop
She repeats to herself in desperation
Picking up the pieces
And putting them back together with tape
She brings it everywhere
But now
It drags limply on the pavement
One day, a boy finds the ragged end
He tosses it in the trash
So deep she can’t get to it
She has to realize now
That she can’t
Hoist all her troubles
On a delicate balloon
A friend will give way eventually
She has to learn
To rely a bit on herself

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